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Phone: 608-283-0517

Any and all art works depict only subjects of legal consenting age.
No minors are represented on this site.

Copyright  2005 - 2011 Male Art by Joseph. All rights reserved.
Reproduction of artwork in whole or in part without permission in writing is strictly prohibited.










Male Art by Joseph.  This is a site containing nude gay male art, drawings that include male nudity, and sexual situations showing full frontal, anal and oral sex, "daddy - boy" themes and other fantasy situations for erotica entertainment purposes only.  No calendars, paintings, photography, lithographs, or limited editions are available at this time.  You may find muscular, hairy, masculine male drawings, along with smooth young twinks drawn in erotic situations.

Nude Gay Male Drawings. Art for Gay Men. Male Art by Artist Joseph. Prints of Pencil Drawings. Gay Art.  Art for the Gay men. Art containing naked gay men.